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Selected Articles by Subject


Szpunar, P.M. (2020). Communication and (un)inspired terror: Toward a theory of phatic violence. Communication Theory, 30(3), 310-329.  

Szpunar, P.M. (2018). A guileful ruse: ISIS, media, and tactics of appropriation. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 15(3), 232-251. 

Semati, M. & Szpunar, P.M. (2018). ISIS beyond the spectacle: communication media, networked publics, terrorism. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 35(1), 1-7.


Szpunar, P.M. (2020). The I’s of the informant: Memoirs of surveillance society. Surveillance & Society, 18(4): 481-492.

Hong, S-H. & Szpunar, P.M. (2019). The futures of anticipatory reason:  Contingency and speculation in the sting operation. Security Dialogue, 50(4), 314-330.

Szpunar, P.M. (2017). Premediating predisposition: Informants, entrapment and connectivity in counterterrorism. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 34(4), 371-385.


Szpunar, P.M. (2019, Online First). The preemptive voice of enemy images: The before-and-after motif in media coverage of women homegrown terrorists. Journalism.

Szpunar, P.M. (2016). From the other to the double: Identity in conflict and the Boston Marathon bombing. Communication, Culture & Critique, 9(4), 577-594.

Szpunar, P.M. (2013). The horror at Fort Hood: Disseminating American exceptionalism. Media, Culture & Society, 35(2), 182-198.

Szpunar, P.M. (2012). Western journalism’s ‘other’: The legacy of the Cold War in the study of media systems. Journalism, 13(1), 3-20.


Szpunar, P.M. (2021, Online First). Promnesic futures: Technology, climate, déjà vu. Memory Studies

Shrikanth, S., Szpunar, P.M. & Szpunar, K.K. (2018). Staying positive in a dystopian future: A novel dissociation between personal and collective cognition. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(8), 1200-1210.  


Szpunar, P.M. & Szpunar, K.K. (2016). Collective future thought: Concept, function and implications for collective memory studies. Memory Studies, 9(4), 376-389.


Szpunar, P.M. (2012). Collective memory and the stranger: Remembering and forgetting the 1918 Finnish civil war. International Journal of Communication, 6, 1201-1221.

Szpunar, P.M. (2010). Monuments, mundanity and memory: Altering ‘place’ and ‘space’ at the National War Memorial (Canada). Memory Studies, 3(4), 379-394.

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